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08 March 2016 @ 04:34 pm
159: Best of Icons 2015  
Hi Guys, just a quick post to tell you that the results for the Best Icon of 2015 have been announced, and the one of my mine that was voted the best.........

Well, that was a suprise a Charles & Erik one!!

Thank you for all you voted if you did!!
Top 15

I'm happy with most of these, athough I think a couple are not really that great #2, I think looking back that it's too light (well on my laptop - my PC is at my parents needing a new mother board - enough RL!!) I would also prefer more stock icons in there, it maybe that voters like fandom/celebrity icons more than stock icons! Also three of the same person/subject - that is werid, maybe I need to stop making icons of the same repeated person to get a bit more diverse with the subjects I choose so less of them become winners. Also none of the subjects from last year one or had high amount of votes, which is a disappointment, to me, as I enjoy using their pics as it's my happy teenage crush! Enough ranting!!!!!

My personal Picks

These all should have got higher votes as I have been working a lot with my colouring and backgrounds and there is improvement in these - or myabe just wishful thinking!

There were some of my favourites that I feel were worth of voting even did not get picked, which I think have been good, that just missed out :(

Well that is enough ranting/bitterness about why I'm not happy with some of icons, it seems that voters allways pick the ones that took two seconds instead of ones that took longer, most other makers say this to, if I enter next year could I have another McFly/Stock one please?

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