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168: Best of 2016

Hi Guys, just a quick post to tell you that the results for the Best Icon of 2016 have been announced, and the one of my mine that was voted the best.........

Well it was a surprise, not a good one I sucked at icons last year, I did not make anything after April due to stress and depression. I'm not happy with it it just looks rarer crappy a two minute job nothing special that stands out, it seems whoever voted needs better votes, that is why I'm taking a break from icon making for a few weeks as I seem to be improving on my techniques or have the drive to make icons any more, when I enter I seem to always place with a mod's choice never a good placing and it's always the crappy ones that win the prizes or the crappy icons that win instead of me when mine looks better.

Thank you for all you voted if you did!!
Top 15

I'm happy with most of my Top 15 as voted by the voters, these have a good mixture of different techniques, all though the ones that have taken the time to make are lesser down the votes!

My personal Picks
There were some of my favourites that I feel were worth of voting even did not get picked, which I think have been good, that just missed out :( These all should have got higher votes as I have been working a lot with my colouring and backgrounds and there is improvement in these - or maybe just wishful thinking!

Well that is enough ranting/bitterness about why I'm not happy with some of icons, it seems that voters always pick the ones that took two seconds instead of ones that took longer, most other makers say this to, if I enter next year could I have another McFly/Stock one please?

Previous Years

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Check out the other winners!

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